Discount Program

Welcome to our exclusive Discount Program, an initiative to reward your loyalty with a 50% discount and amplify your experience with our cutting-edge transcription platform.

Our platform’s success is built on the shoulders of individuals like you who recognize the value of our innovative Speech-to-Text Transcription services. To express our gratitude, we’ve crafted a unique referral system that allows you to share the wealth with your network while simultaneously reducing your costs.

How it Works

By creating a free account and generating a sharable link, you’re unlocking potential savings. As soon as a new user signs up via your referral and purchases a subscription, you will receive 50% off each monthly fee of your chosen plan forever – a testament to our commitment to rewarding active participation and collaboration.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Why wait? Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to optimize your experience while simultaneously bolstering our thriving community. Share your link today and reap the rewards of your influence!

1. Create a Free Account

Create a free (no credit card required) Speech-to-Text account using this link. You will be redirected to your “Accounts” tab afterwards.

2. Share your Link

Find and share your Share Link in the Accounts tab. You can use the button for your favorite social media network. Alternatively, you can also copy the share link to the clipboard. To do this, simply click on “Share link” on the left.

If you need a short text for your post, it could read as follows:

Hey, I just stumbled across this transcription service and I think it’s great. It converts my .mp3’s directly into text. Give it a try!

[Share Link]

3. Get your 50% Discount

Now you just have to wait until a new user signs up via your referral and purchases a subscription. You will receive 50% off each monthly fee of your chosen plan forever! When the time comes, you will receive an e-mail notification.

4. Redeem your Discount Code

As soon as your discount has been activated, it will show up in your account below the Share Link. Click on it ( 1 ) to copy it to the clipboard.

Redeem your Speech-to-Text Cloud Discount Code

Then click ( 2 ) to go to the registration page.

Fill in your Speech-to-Text Cloud Discount Code

Now you can redeem your code in the corresponding field. Notice how the price goes down as soon as you click Apply.